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I am committed to leading a nourishing lifestyle and sharing my knowledge for living a wholesome life with my clients and audience. My work aims to inspire and inform my viewers--this includes creativity with foods, learning about brands, and more.  

Recipe Development: If you think your brand aligns with my nutritional values, I would love to create a recipe using your product for your website or for promotion on social media. 

Brand Ambassador: I am extremely particular in the products and brands I promote under my name. If I feel strongly enough in your product, I am willing to discuss a more elaborate partnership.

Product Review: I’m happy to sample your product and write an honest, detailed review on my blog or Instagram. I am passionate about finding brands that also support living a healthy lifestyle and want to share these finds with my clients and audience.

If you would like to contact me for the reasons above, or for any other topics, please fill out the form below.

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