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About Erin Murray

Knowing that food was an act of love, I always appreciated the time, sensations, and ritual of good food. But as I grew, the realization of how deeply food affects the body became clear. It was obvious that some foods made me feel better than others--more energized and more nourished. Some foods made me feel unwell--with an upset stomach or fatigue or discomfort. The topic captured my attention, and I read my first "diet book" when I was still in middle school. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was intellectually curious. And so began the spiral of learning about food, experimenting, reading about different strategies and topics, testing programs, and experiencing a lot of the diet-drama-mayhem that permeates our culture. 

Over time, my knowledge blossomed. And thankfully, my love for food saved me from the pitfalls of dieting. After a lot of experimentation and learning, it became clear to me that diets don't work. And that fresh, whole, real food is deeply nourishing and equally delicious. That act of food love that I knew so well could now be magnified. How caring is it to prepare foods that are not only satisfying, but also deeply nourishing? It's an act of love for those we are feeding, and it's an act of love for ourselves.